Glass Fabrication Solutions for Storefronts Throughout the GTA

Castle Glass & Locks operate a personalized curtain wall system and provide expert glass fabrication solutions for offices and building foyers in the GTA. Our storefront glazing department can customize your entrance to your specific requirements and architectural designs. We can order various colours of aluminum extrusions and build them in our own shop by working with local aluminum importers and manufacturers. Each length will be cut to specification, holes will be drilled, and notches will be made to ensure that each piece fits together perfectly. The framing is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of the glass inserts and thermal units available in your area. 

Our Process

Curtain wall and storefront glazing systems are types of glazing that can be applied to existing structural frames, allowing both new and pre-existing structures to fulfill building codes and accessibility requirements. The mullions will be pre-fabricated in-house and delivered to the customer’s location for permanent installation. The lightweight aluminum frames will be installed by our expert tradespeople to precisely accommodate the glass inserts. Our magnificent new entranceways will enable plenty of natural sunlight and enhance the overall aesthetic of your store by eliminating brick and concrete walls.


During the initial installation, proper sealants, such as blue-skin, silicone, and / or commercial grade caulking are applied to provide a water-resistant barrier and attach each part to one another and the structural frame. Foam is also used to provide safety and insulation. After the frames are fixed, and the glass is fitted, the project will be finished with a final bead of silicone and the required flashing.


Storefront glazing, thermally broken, and non-thermally broken systems necessitate a great deal of attention to detail and a skilled crew for the perfect job every time. After taking on-site measurements, our professionals can operate from your drawings or create their own. We can advise you on all current provincial requirements as industry experts. We’ll spend time discussing the aesthetic you want to create while also ensuring that the final product complies with building codes. We will complete your installation with a new ADO system, as well as the appropriate hardware and weather-stripping for your application.


Adding a new glass entrance to your property can make a striking statement. To review your plans and the possibilities accessible to you, contact us immediately.

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